Monday, February 28, 2011

The Secret History of Barbie

You don't make 500 million friends without also making a few enemies. So ran the tagline of 2010's box office smash, The Social Network. And if that's true for a bunch of computer geeks, then it's no surprise that it also hold true for a loveable anorexic fashion doll, aimed primarily at pre-adolescent girls.

Barbie by Matel, has built up a devoted following since she was first launched in 1959, bringing joy to the heart of succeeding generations of young girls/future women. The problem for Barbie and her creators is that a certain percentage of those girls grow up to be angry, bitter feminists, who turn on their childhood friend, blaming her for all the ills of the world, especially those that perpetuate negative stereotypes that serve to block the advancement of women in society.

Yes, Barbie has courted a fair degree of controversy, not to mention lawsuits, as well as parodies in her long reign as the world's number one fashion doll.

According to Disinformation: 50 Things You're Not Supposed to Know Barbie is actually based on a German Sex doll!

Until now lesbians have remained above the fray, where much of these controversies are concerned, which is unusual because they usually have strong opinions on everything and they're not afraid to voice them. But now, one group of lesbians seem determined to change all that.

Barbie herself has always remained pretty tight-lipped about her sexuality, which admittedly could be due to a manufacturing defect, or maybe, she just likes to keep her private life, private. Whatever the case this group of women are bringing Barbie out of the closet.

Barbie is all about celebrating femininity and so too is lesbianism - unless they're the butch sort but they still shag women. Lesbian Sex Positions for Dummies shows you Barbie as you have never seen her before.

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