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Great Lesbian Kisses is dedicated to the tasteful enjoyment and healthy appreciation of lesbian erotica, female intimacy and all forms of feminine beauty; as depicted in art, science, popular culture, etc, across all countries and continents and throughout time.

Editorial Policies and Disclaimers
This is an adult-themed website, even though those responsible have on occasion been referred to as being quite juvenile. The material which we portray is highly charged, erotically speaking, but won't make you go blind. We have classified the content of this website as 'adult' for safety sake. It does not contain pornography, certainly nothing that we would consider pornographic though you would probably should not take our word for it.

Material re-produced from other sources is chosen for its exceptional quality and on the assumption that the work is in the public domain. Always and everywhere, we attempt to provide full attribution as to the source. We are happy to correct misplaced attribution or remove any material upon request from the copyright holder. Please contact our editorial team who will happy to facilitate such requests.

Great Lesbian Kisses accepts payment for the inclusion of certain material. Where certain posts have been sponsored this will be indicated. However the views expressed reflect those of the author and publisher, not necessarily those of the sponsor. We also accept support in the form of private donations that do not influence editorial policy.

Feel free to contact us with any queries, suggestions or ideas you may have about this website. We welcome most, if not all forms of correspondence.

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