Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lesbianism in an age of Political Correctness

Ok, that's probably enough of that. If you were offended by anything you might have seen here, you could always try complaining - see where that gets you. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

For Girls: the art of getting a girl to (not) like you

For more on this topic, see WikiHow (a bit like Wikipedia but not so stuck-up, nor is it run by the CIA and the Illuminati - for now!)

The first step is to try not to be too obvious: 

Then you ask her what kind of music she is into ... 

On no absolutely no account should you even consider even the idea of sexual congress without first consulting the Bible and taking that first, of what will be many cold showers before all this has run its course. 

At this stage you should begin to realise that you are destined to remain 'just good friends' and nothing more. 

At which point, you discretely make your exit and both agree never to speak of this strange episode again. Problem solved. Now retreat back to your own quiet sanctuary where you can spend the rest of your life asking yourself 'What on earth where you thinking of, girl?'

Thank God for the world that we live in, where everything is natural and straight - damn straight. Anxiety, Guilt, Self-Repression Rules!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lesbian Kiss 'November' - even though it's June

Lesbian kissing to a Jazz/Rock beat courtesy of SmOotH sTrEeTs PrOjEcT (Yeah! That's how you spell it, apparently and if you think that Jazz sucks, don't worry - these girls suck face).

Do you consider the act of Lesbian Kissing to be: