Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's the 'C' word, you cunt

If the saying, you are what you eat, has any truth to it, it would at least explain why some people are assholes and cunts!

Of course, while it's generally safe to refer to someone as an a-hole, the 'C' word has certain, more serious connotations. Calling someone a 'cunt' in public is best reserved to those extreme situations: like when you're really pissed off to the point that invoking a foul incantation is the next-worst option to actually physically harming them.

But the 'C-word' has other connotations. It can refer to something highly sought after and held in great esteem by straight men and lesbians everywhere. Of course, lesbians have the advantage of personal experience, which means they can be expected to know a great deal more about the subject. Men on the other hand, tend to have to grope around before they can really get a handle on the subject matter.

In this video we hear from a woman (not necessarily a lesbian) who feels women should reclaim the word Cunt! And we say, 'Amen' to that.

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