Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lesbian Kissing: Where to Begin

Ah, the Great Art of Lesbian Kissing! Just where did it all begin? Some say ancient Egypt; others say that it is older still. Most people don't know and frankly couldn't care. 'Less talk, more action' is their motto.

What is known is that the phenomenon of lesbian kissing drives at least one half of the human species pretty crazy. Unfortunately, this half that is made up predominantly of those members who will never get it. It remains unclear precisely where the other half stand in the debate.

And what of those who indulge in it? Do they do so because they actually enjoy it or because they know it drives boys insane: with jealousy, lust, envy take your pick. It all just serves to reinforce the notion that life is pretty unfair: for some.

This website respects the practice of lesbian kissing. We also respect the privacy of those who do indulge in it, from a practitioner or voyeur perspective. So please people, while you are enjoying yourself, at the same time keep it clean - and we're not just talking about the bed sheets!

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