Monday, June 4, 2012

The Pursuit of Love (or the next best thing)

All sorts of people, male and female, gay as well as straight visit Great Lesbian Kisses and they do so for all sorts of reasons, which we won't go into. Of course we would hope that the bulk of them do so, not for the purpose of gathering evidence that they can use to shop us to the authorities, but because they share our relaxed view.

Sex and the pursuit of it should be fun and adventurous for all participants. Those who don't participate have presumably found something that is better - wish they'd tell us what though! The virtual world has its barriers, but also offers gateways to fun and fulfilling experiences in the real one. If you are seeking flirty and adventurous types, there are more than 13 million of them (apparently) on

Say hello from us. Tell them we sent you.

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