Sunday, November 6, 2011

Plugin - the adult social network

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last twenty years, it is likely that you are as bored as we are with endless media-led drivel about the great age of social networking that we're all supposed to be inhabiting. The fact is that long before Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. started changing the way we think about the world and interact with others, people were already using the Internet to meet, share, fuel and indulge their sexual appetites, carnal desires or just plain old wishful thinking.

The earliest examples of social networking on the web were invariably linked to the innate human desire for getting it on with the opposite sex; or in some cases, the same sex; or in some cases with both; or in some cases ... ok we're going to stop there.

Plugin is an adult social network where users can express themselves "freely and openly with others without worrying about the repercussions for explicit photos, wall posts, or video uploads." You can browse and share albums, pages, videos, games, locations, events, classifieds and more.

It's also free to join but you do have to be 21 or whatever. If you're not in that category best thing might be to leave now and go finish your homework; maybe engage in a healthy bout of your preferred sporting activity afterwards or just try having a meaningful conversation with that nice boy or girl that you always fancied. If you come back when you're old enough it is highly likely that all the same stuff will still be there waiting for you - might even be heaps better too.

Be warned! The content posted on Plugin is strong - much stronger than anything we would dare to post. The following represents the milder side of what we found when we went looking:

If you do find yourself lost and alone in a strange and unfamiliar world you can always seek out our page. We will take you under our shelter and help you to navigate your way back to safety.

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