Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tripping Down Memory Lane: a look at lesbian art through the ages

Artistic depictions of lesbian intimacy through the ages reflecting the variety of media and formats. Stuff you didn't see on that school trip to the museum or art gallery. 

Jacopo Amigoni (1675 - 1752), Giove e Callisto (ca. 1740/1750).

Allegorical kiss between Justice and Peace

embrassades kama sutra Xviè siècle. Author unknown

Deux jeunes Femme couchées by Félix-Jacques Moulin 1850

Toulouse-Lautrec, The two girlfriends, (ca. 1894-5)

Wilhelm von Plueschow (1852-1930), Two women, Rome, ca. 1900

Egon Schiele 022
Egon Schiele, Frauenpaar, 1915
La Comtesse au fouet by Martin van Maele, 1926

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