Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lesbian Scene from Female Perversions

Female Perversions is a 1997 film directed by Susan Streitfeld that garnered mixed reviews and the film itself is hard to find. While much of story moves along at an uneven and unsatisfactory pace, there is no complaining about the quality of this scene, featuring Tilda Swinton and Karen Sillas making out in a hammock.

Unfortunately we are only able to bring you a small clip with English language audio but rest assured the dialogue (in places at least) is red hot. In the scene immediately prior Sillas' character (Renee) recalls their first encounter to Eve (played by Swinton).
Renee: Let's see, we met in an elevator, right? We had two drinks, great sex; you had five orgasm, I only had three and now you are desperate to see me?
Eve: Very desperate Doctor!
Renee: Well in my professional opinion, Ms ... I'm sorry what was your last name?
Eve: Stephens.
Renee: Ms Stephens. Yes. In my professional opinion you are a deeply impulsive and a terribly neurotic extremely co-dependent woman who more than likely loves to much, or too little, I can't remember which. 
Eve: Oh thank God! Finally somebody understands me. Are you free tonight? 
Renee: Maybe. 

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