Friday, February 7, 2014

Potential Benefits of Legalizing Prostitution

The criminalization of prostitution makes sex and companionship work a dangerous job. Driving prostitution underground puts the working women and young men at risk in many ways, leaving them nearly powerless – in relation to their customers, managers or pimps, and corrupt police officers. It can also threaten their health and that of their clients, and make them fearful of any interaction with the police, even if that interaction could save their lives. The legalization of adult, consensual prostitution could reduce many of the risks and problems involved in the sex trades today.

In nations and regions where prostitution is legal, workers have many benefits over their illegal counterparts: much-improved access to decent healthcare, a safeguard against violent, abusive customers and management, and protection from exploitation by their pimps and the police. These legal prostitutes have recourse to help if they are threatened, abused, robbed, or taken ill, without the fear that seeking help will only lead to their arrest. They also enjoy employment rights, meaning they may receive health benefits, are protected by work-safety regulations, and do not have to give up half of their income to unscrupulous "managers."

Legalized prostitution can also be a boon to the society in which it is embraced. Funds are scarce for law enforcement in most cities – and with legalization, money currently going into expensive prostitution stings, street-worker roundups, and other anti-prostitution endeavors can be funneled into more important police work. The vast amounts of money currently poured into public defenders' offices and the judicial system in processing prostitution cases could be utilized in prosecuting violent offenders instead. In addition, prostitutes working legally would become a contributing part of the tax system, adding income tax revenue to state and Federal coffers that currently is lost every year in under-the-table transactions. In fact, prostitution would likely be taxed at higher rates than normal sales tax, as hospitality services are already.

Furthermore, the interests of public health would be served by legalization. Not only would many sex workers feel more comfortable seeking medical help if they contract an illness, but legalization would actually allow the government to require regularly-scheduled medical examinations to ensure that prostitutes are free of AIDS, hepatitis, or dangerous STDs.

Prostitution as a profession has been around since the dawn of recorded history, and no amount of legislation or vice stings will prevent prostitutes from offering their services or customers from seeking them out. Legalization of the profession will bring it under better control, protect all involved, and stop wasting valuable resources on a "victimless crime."

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